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For specialist fit installations we offer a range of custom built Strippers, these support vessels with larger than standard shaft sizes or propeller bosses to ships where the standard shaft mounting configuration would be impractical.

These Strippers are custom built to meet your specific requirements from one off boats to entire fleets, due to this delivery times are longer than our standard Stripper models.

Stripper LM

These large Strippers are shaft mounted, and will accommodate axial shaft movement. The cutting blades are separable from the main body of the Stripper for maintenance and servicing. They are built to order from modular components to enable quick delivery time and to accommodate a large range of stern gear sizes.

We have been making these oversized Strippers for many years for clients who value our discretion and experience in understanding their specialist needs.

The vessel pictured opposite has 1.5m diameter propellers designed for long range fuel efficient passage, the Strippers where custom built and optimised to suit.

The price guide below is based on our normal blend of materials, which is a combination of Austenitic and Duplex Stainless Steels. More exotic materials can be used to meet your requirements but this may affect the price.

All Stripper LM models support shaft sizes from 90mm upwards, with the larger models supporting the greater shaft sizes. To select the correct model for your vessel the hub diameter of the Stripper needs to be the same or large than the hub diameter of the propeller boss or stern gear, which ever is greater.

Super yacht

Super yacht stern gear

Stripper diagram

A - Shaft diameter
B - Hub diameter
C - Propeller boss diameter
D - Stern gear diameter
E - Typical gap
F - Blade diameter
T - Stripper width

Stripper Model No. of Blades Shaft Diameter
Hub Diameter
Blade Diameter
Cutter Width
Typical Gap
Stern Gear Diameter
LM40 2 or 3 90mm to 135mm
31/2" to 5"
200mm 320mm 45mm 60mm 160-200mm
LM40 4 90mm to 135mm
31/2" to 5"
200mm 320mm 55mm 70mm 160-200mm
LM50 2 or 3 90mm to 155mm
31/2" to 6"
220mm 340mm 45mm 60mm 180-220mm
LM50 4 90mm to 155mm
31/2" to 6"
220mm 340mm 55mm 70mm 180-220mm
LM60 2 or 3 90mm to 175mm
31/2" to 7"
240mm 380mm 45mm 60mm 195-240mm
LM60 4 90mm to 175mm
31/2" to 7"
240mm 380mm 55mm 70mm 195-240mm
Stripper Model Price excluding VAT Price including VAT (EU only) Purchase
LM40 2 Blade £2,630.00£3,156.00Please phone
LM40 3 Blade £2,920.00£3,504.00Please phone
LM40 4 Blade £3,047.00£3,656.40Please phone
LM50 2 Blade £2,793.00£3,351.60Please phone
LM50 3 Blade £2,920.00£3,504.00Please phone
LM50 4 Blade £3,174.00£3,808.80Please phone
LM60 2 Blade £2,630.00£3,156.00Please phone
LM60 3 Blade £3,174.00£3,808.80Please phone
LM60 4 Blade £3,232.00£3,878.40Please phone

Stripper OM

The Stripper OM are for Superyachts, military and specialist applications where there is no axial shaft movement.

These Strippers are designed and built to interface directly with the propeller and stern gear of the vessel. There is no contact with the shaft and there are no wearing parts in normal service.

They can be made from a variety of materials to suit the application and are custom built to order.

Price will vary depending on design and material requirements, please phone for further details.

Stripper OM Installation